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Media: today's commercial media is extremely homogenous and, in many ways, fails to bring forward those events which are significant to modern day "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness". Acadiana Progressive Organization offers a short list of alternative offerings which many say are hard to find. If you have other recommendations, we'd love hear about them.

Community Issues: What we see as issues in Acadiana and who is saying what about them. Occasionally we will have a rant, but that has it's own place. These are the facts. Just the facts (or let us know so we will change it).

World View: In order to engage in meaningful conversation, it is incumbent upon us, both you, the reader, and us as an organization it might be useful to identify the order and framework of ideas and beliefs through which we each interpret and interact with the world. This page starts the conversation, you are welcome to continue it.

Brown Bag Lunches: One of the very first conversations we had concerned giving people a chance to learn. Accordingly, Acadiana Progressive has been sponsoring Brown Bag Lunches since our inception.

Rants: Opinion pieces by ourselves and our contributors.