One of the very first conversations we had concerned giving people a chance to learn. Accordingly, Acadiana Progressive has been sponsoring Brown Bag Lunches since our inception.

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Brown Bag Lunch Series

May 18, 2011  Louisiana at the Crossroads -
Responsible Solutions to Louisiana's current fiscal crisis.

Mr. Edward Ashworth, the Director of the Louisiana Budget Project, discussed Louisiana's current fiscal situation, how it occurred with an overview of government finance, and possible solutions to resolving the crisis.

April 20, 2011  BP Oil Disaster - One year Later

We presented a film which detailed the massive eco-system just east of Lafayette, the Atchafalaya Basin, that is rapidly becoming endangered by human "control" which caters to commerce at natures expense.

March 15, 2011 Noon Alternative Developments -
Solar Around the Home

Hector LaSala, Professor of Architecture and Corey Saft, Associate Professor from UL-L teamed up to discuss with us how to reduce the human carbon imprint through using building concepts such as PassiveHouse certification program.